The Guardian – Insider’s guide to Westminster


I was asked last week by Andrew Stocks at The Guardian to help out with The Long Read for the second time. The first job was about the inner workings of the Kremlin and Putin and this time we investigated Westminster and everything that goes on behind the scenes between theMPs. Fortunately I was in London at the time so I took a trip to Westminster Hall and paid for an audio tour that gave me access to a fair bit of the building. Unfortunately, however, there were strict rules restricting photography everywhere apart from 2 main halls. Everything else was off bounds and there were some really beautiful dark and heavy corridors which would have been great to work with, but alas I could only look on and watch.

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The above piece is based on Westminster Hall and the amazing light that shines through the stained glass window at the rear end of the hall.


Above is a scene showing an MP secretly texting in a pub, based on this quote

“The backstabbing and plotting takes place far away in the corners of late-night bars and by text and email”.


Here is how I sketched up the cover piece from a thumbnail sketch on the left to the more refined sketch on the right. Read the full article herewhere they even animated one of my images.