A Meditator’s Handbook


This animated sequence is based on a series of drawings I did for a series of chapter headings for “A Meditators Handbook”, a short book I worked on with Pariyatti Publishing written by a Vipassana meditation teacher called Bill Crecelius. It is intended for ‘students’ who have attended an infamous 10-day course as taught by SN Goenka and are interested in maintaining a daily practise afterwards.


The 10-day retreat was my first introduction to meditation about 3 years ago and although I don’t practise very often anymore, it was a good way to understand the basics behind Buddhist meditation. Since ‘mindfulness’ has taken off in every sphere of Western life, trying to make us stress-free workers, I’m more sceptical as to how it’s being used, especially almost as an opium for the workers, but it does sometimes still prove a valuable practise for me.


Here are the sketches I did at the beginning. Personally I like a couple where he’s not specifically meditating in the traditional posture, but nevertheless has a meditative quality.