Carluccio’s Press release


Since early 2015 I’ve been working with design agency Irving & Co on the christmas range for Carluccio’s restaurant, which is a high-end Italian chain predominantly found on UK high streets. It’s the biggest commission I’ve had this year and was a great break from the quicker editorial work I normally work on. They flew me to Italy in April and showed me around so I could sketch and photograph their producers at work. In total I’ve illustrated four box sets and two large Panettone boxes along with a series of sketches for various product labels.


I am really happy with how the colours and finish turned out. The project really helped push my colour skills further, in particular working with tonal variations of the same palette. In this case there were a lot of reds, oranges and yellows and warm tones going around with little hints of bluey green dotted about.


All the boxes show a different scene from the region where that particular product is produced, whether it be a vineyard, an orchard or the snowy mountains in Piemonte. The only exception is the Pasta e Sughi box which shows the table top and special tools where fresh egg pasta is made in Riccione.


These photos are from their press release in July and I am yet to see the actual products in the flesh. Once they are officially released in November I will also be able to publish more information along with hi-res illustrations… so watch this space! Until then, here is a sneak peak of one of my sketches which is being used on a product label.