Druck Berlin workshop


I recently led a screenprinting workshop at Druck Berlin with Sac Magique. We had 10 participants who all created stencils based on 3 words that they had to pick out of 3 cups.


After forming their slogan, such as “chew joy tomorrow” or “feel love weekly” we got them to plan a 2-colour screen print by cutting out simple stencils.


Once the stencils were finished we got them to print the two layers and make 10 copies of their bright neon coloured posters.


Then we went out together with posters in hand and pasted them around the local neighbourhood in Revaler Strasse which is a regular haunt for party goers and skaters.




Thanks to all the crew who took part and helped make it a great Saturday afternoon. Also many thanks to the Curious Visualist who photographed and documented the whole process!