Grace Jones and sex


I stumbled across a Grace Jones interview on Radio 4 last week in which she discussed her upcoming autobiography “I’ll Never Write my Memoirs”. It was only a 6 minute piece, but her whole presence and attitude caught me immediately and then led me on to a great Guardian interview with her.

It was a great opportunity for me to use my new screenprinting studio to make a screenprint based on a quote from the article.

“People would rather do violence than talk about sex.”

If ever there was a challenge to peacemakers around the world, there it is. It’s a very brave and honest thing to say, but she has the confidence and nonchalance to say it without worrying how the public might react.


This print was a pleasure to make and I look forward to seeing where my relationship with Grace Jones and her unaffected attitude goes.

Thanks to Romain Perrot from Stattlab for the great photos!