The Guardian – The BBC is under attack


I recently worked with Ersoy Emin, Andrew Stocks and Christophe Gowans at The Guardian to do another cover for the “The Long Read”. This time the topic was the BBC and their impending charter renewal. The article focused on the problems they would face due to the current culture secretary, John Whittingdale, being a conservative with free market capitalist values looking to marginalise the BBC. He seems keen to cut the licensing fee and thereby a large amount of funding that the BBC lives from. It seems like they are under quite serious attack and it seemed appropriate to symbolise this with planes and an evil satellite attacking the main broadcasting house in London. Here is one my favourite quotes from the article –

All the while, the BBC is under constant siege by those sections of the press – mostly on the political right – that feel their businesses to be threatened by the corporation’s dominance, or their worldview challenged by what they claim as leftwing bias in the BBC’s news coverage.