The Guardian – The Kremlin’s hall of mirrors

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Hot off the press, in the papers today, is a piece of long-form journalism by Peter Pomerantsev that I illustrated for a relatively new section of The Guardian called The Long Read. It features some great longer essay-form writing (around 5000 words) and for those who have the time, or to be blunt, for those who find the time, it offers more in-depth knowledge and careful thought on areas that the media too quickly judges. John Gray recently graced the section and he really is a great and challenging writer.

The article was about Putin, the Kremlin and the psychological warfare they are playing, which leaves many people doubting what truth they can trust. It is a post modern war leaving no objective truths for those involved. In its unedited form the essay was particularly heavy reading and I really enjoyed the challenge of translating it’s content into an image that suggests an overload of mental suffering without being immediately dark or condemning. There was enough condemnation in the article and I used muted psychedelic colours to counterbalance the heavy tone. Thanks to AD Chris Clarke and Andrew Tod for the brief which began and ended within the space of 4 days!

Read the article online here if you haven’t seen it in print.

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